Membership of Reading Spiritualist Church is open to all those who accept the Spiritualist philosophy based on the Seven Principles. Our annual subscription for membership is £12, or £6 for senior citizens.
People accepted into membership initially become Associate Members and after 6 months may be invited to become a Full Member. Before being invited to Full Membership you will be offered a place on our free induction course where you can find out more about spiritualism.
Members can attend and vote at our members’ meetings, and have priority booking when attending workshops and seminars.
Spiritualists can also become individual members of the Spiritualists’ National Union which entitles them to vote at regional and national meetings and access a range of training schemes and support from The Spiritualists’ National Union.
For further details of what the SNU is and how to join click here.
For a list of Spiritualist churches throughout the UK click here.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, contact our Membership Secretary, Sue Lamb or email