Open Circle with Jill Pickett and Irene Hall

17th September 2019 @ 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm

An Open Circle is open to anyone to sit in (as opposed to development circles which are by invitation only) from people just coming into Spiritualism to people working on their development to working platform mediums.  Our circle is run as much in a teaching capacity as possible so please be aware that any work done could be used as an example to bring teaching to everyone in the circle.  Depending on how many people want to work in the circle we may need to restrict how long people can work for.

Every Tuesday at 7:15 we provide an opportunity where people who are learning and developing their mediumistic and philosophical abilities can have the time and support to develop.

We start with an opening prayer followed by a short, simple guided meditation to help people relax and to establish their connection with Spirit.  More experienced people may choose to use the meditation time to speak to their guides / teachers. The majority choose to follow the guided meditation.  If doing this then the meditation needs to be followed as closely as possible (this helps to instil discipline when working with Spirit).

There will be an experienced medium watching whilst the meditation is being done so we will be aware if anyone is having any problems and we can therefore bring the meditation to an earlier conclusion.  After the meditation is finished the circle leader will speak to everyone in turn. There is usually time for questions and answers and some philosophical discussion.

2 thoughts on “Open Circle with Jill Pickett and Irene Hall”

  1. I have recently lost a very close family member, had not been ill at all, was just found dead at home at a very young age. Suicide/intoxification have been ruled out. A short whilebefore this person’sdeath we had aconversation regarding the after life. I have a strong belief in life after death and I feel as if I needsome form of proof that he did not suffer when he passed and that he has found other friends and family members who have passed previously.I myself am currently receiving treatment for an illness I have had for 5 years now and this person had been my ‘rock’ and my main reason to carry on during the harsher days of my treatment. Is the grieving process and my need for further knowledge something the church could help me with?

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